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I am a quality assurance engineer with 15 years of experience. I have worked from testing PS2/PS3/PSP video games back in 2005 on through mobile games, social and casual games, web and iOS/android applications/point of sale apps, video and audio encoders, on-prem/cloud devops/IT maintenance, to GIS systems.

I started as a manual black box tester but have improved my technical skills over the years including working at Amazon as a QA Engineer II, being a QA manager with 10 direct reports where we’ve set up several UI automation frameworks. Capybara, Xcode, Flutter and Dart, ruby, python, perl.

Currently I am the Director of Quality Assurance for a boutique GIS/geospatial firm in Portland, OR. We work on several contracts for city and utility mapping systems.

I love everything related to testing so please don’t hesitate to reach out!