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Xiaomi Redmi Note5 fails to launch mirror

Display device screen failed

Couldn’t start mirroring on xiaomi-redmi_note_5-2fd7e49

It’s on 9 android.

Hi @voronin.
Can you please ensure that you have enabled this options on your Xiaomi device :
USB debugging
USB debugging(Security setting)
Install via USB

Yes, all those are enabled. I can run tests with it though, but not mirror screen

It seems like all 9 androids don’t work.

All 9 is Xiaomi?

Check please for “Unknown sources” option in privacy settings. Xiaomi have some additional security settings which may prevent the connection

No, i tested 1+ and huawei as well.


I am having similar issue on Xiaomi, Android 8 sometimes. Last time deathorizing and authorizing device helped me.

Also sometimes I have such issue for Android emulator- it is launched on macOS and I am getting this issue when trying to view emulator from my Windows machine.

I use Redmi Note 4 on 6 android and 10 MIUI, works ok. reauthorizing didn’t help in any case. Didn’t try 8 android yet, tried bunch of 9 and then jumped to 6. Huawei on 7 android works fine as well. Huawei on 9 works. Xiaomi on 9 android and 10 miui works, on 11 miui doesn’t.

It happened to me recently with a Huawei and also a Samsung device but in both cases removing and then reconnecting the device solved the issue.

For me those which don’t work won’t work no matter what.

Device screen mirroring on Xiaomi phones with MIUI 11 OS is a known issue, we are working on resolving this and a fix will be available during next week.


The mirroring issue for MIUI 11 has been solved in the latest version of the agent,
Please update your agent and you’ll be able to conduct your tests!

TestProject team.