XCode is not visible among TestProject's available frameworks and tests cannot be run with simulated device

I am experiencing an issue that despite having the XCode version 12.5.1 installed on my Mac, and having simulator running with created device, I can neither see XCode among available frameworks:

…nor I can run my tests with the simulator (because I cannot see the simulated iPhone device it in the devices).

Thanks in advance for any help.

Shameless bump from a desperate TestProject user.


Xcode 12.5 is currently not supported.
We will add this support by the end of the week along with iOS 15 support.

For now, please follow this guide to downgrade:

I will try downgrading then and post the result here.
Thank you, @marat .

The downgrade guide worked for me and now I have XCode 12.4 installed and can see it in my TestProject agent. Thanks again, @marat.

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