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Wrong parameters for CSV template

Hi! I don’t know if I am doing anything wrong, but I created a test case where it has a parameter for email and password. When I download the CSV parameter template for that test, it does not contain the said parameter.

So I tried creating my own CSV file using comma delimited and it’s throwing me a ‘Failed to retrieve Data Source’ error.

Hello @elisse.eusebio
You need to make sure the parameters in your test you wish to use in your CSV are set to Input and are Test parameters.

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Thank you @ran.tzur

I see now because I was using the project parameters. May I know what is the difference between the two and why is it not working?
I’m new to TestProject and still exploring it.

Project parameters are global parameters that are shared across all tests inside your project.
For example, if test A uses a project parameter and test B uses the same parameter, it will be affected on both tests.

Test parameters are set to be used inside only the test that it was created in, and when they are set as input, they can be exported and receive data from CSV files.

The idea is to create a distinction between which parameter holds what data, like you have in code.