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Would I be able to run test in two contexts simultaneously, like one in the web browser for configuration dashboard and another in mobile device android and iOS.?

Ours is a mobile security application. While doing the test automation of the same, we would be setting up the user, group, application and the device configuration in the web browser based console/dashboard application and the actual test is thus configured will run in the mobile device (real or emulator).

Will it be a problem to model the test case in the testproject and run it ? Either in single run or parallel run method ?

We are in the tool selection stage and we are weighing Katalon, Quantum and TestProject for our project.

Hi @venkata,
You can use TestProject for full-duplex scenario testing, of course, 2 tests would require 2 different devices or run in serial mode. but you can definitely automate your application browser settings app and more with TestProject.
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Appreciate the fast response. I hope you understood by the full-duplex scenario testing, as going back(switching) and forth between web based console application automation and our own mobile device native application automation.
If there is any recording or documentation of the above capability, it would be beneficial to us to understand the TestProject capabilities.

Hi @venkata,
You can simply record this flow, no special requirements are needed.
Besides having web view version > 75.

Here is a test I created in under a minute which uses 3 different applications:
(Bloomberg - native, chrome - web, settings - native)


The recorder knows how to deal with switching views natively.
Let me know if you have any questions.

This helps !
One last point.

The web browser application: console/dash board is not present on the mobile device, but on the desktop/laptop. Since the mobile is connected to desktop/laptop using a USB wire and viewed via Vysor app. The settings we do on the desktop/laptop console is reflected in the native security app, we had deployed on the mobile device app.

Is this your understanding too ?

Hi @venkata,
If you are trying to execute a web test on your laptop followed up by a test on the mobile device to verify changes and validate the flow, it’s completely possible. it will take a bit more planning because you would need 2 different tests.

  1. Web test for the browser on your laptop (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc…)
  2. Mobile test for your device native app. (Android / iOS)

Your flow will then include two tests, a web test followed up by a mobile test.
It’s possible to trigger a test execution of the second test from inside the first test.

Or you can just build a pipeline then orchestrate this flow for you on a platform like Jenkins. (more here)

Note: Jobs are platform-based, meaning they can contain tests only from the same platform (Web / Android / iOS)

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Hi @Amit.Lacher
Great help in your answer. I will try implementing the solution for a basic test case and check. I will comeback for any help.


No problem @venkata,
Feel free to reach out anytime :blush:.