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Wireless connection with Mobile devices

It would be really great if we can connect our mobile devices wirelessly ,maybe an addon. There are options on some IDE that support wireless connections.

Hi @it.dishantrawat

Requirements for connection

One time device connection via USB.
Android ADB (platform-tools) [Official link to get the platform tools HERE ]
Installed and running TestProject agent [Agent download page link HERE ]

Connection Guide

  1. Connect your device to computer
  2. Open a platform-tools folder and copy it’s path

  1. Open a command prompt and navigate the platform-tools folder
    cd C:\Program Files\TestProject Agent\android-sdk\platform-tools

  1. Run next commands in command prompt (one after another, not all at once)
    adb tcpip 5555
    adb shell “ip addr show wlan0 | grep -e wlan0$ | cut -d” " -f 6 | cut -d/ -f 1"
    After second command you will have the ip address of your Android device

Type next command in command prompt
adb connect ip_address :5555
Where ip_address is the ip of your mobile phone.

Now you can disconnect your device from cable, the device is connected via WiFi :slight_smile:

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Great , Thanks for your reply. I was using some adb add on on Intelli j IDE and thought to have similar(tool) in Test project . I wasn’t sure until you replied that I can use the same way to connect devices wirelessly . Again thanks for your help! :slight_smile: