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WinAppDriver doesn't work with my application

Hello All.

I am having a problem to run the WinAppDriver with my standard application developed in C#.

I am using the “Calculator” sample downloaded from the GitHub, it works fine. But when I change the code to use my application it doesn’t work.

I am able to launch my application but after that, I my test code is not able to find the components ( button, menu, etc.).

What the problem is? should I do something different to use this test code with my application?

Thank you for your help.

Hi Ronbar,

Are you trying to test the “Calculator” desktop application using TestProject’s C# SDK?
If that’s the case, currently TestProject does not support desktop application.
This is something that we are definitely considering to add support to.

Could you please elaborate about your use case for testing a desktop application?

Kind regards,