Why the API returned device list sequence NOT match with each other

i locally write some scripts to sync the TestProject automation job run results to the Test rail

but I found when I use the
https://api.testproject.io/v2/projects/’+projectid+’/jobs/’+jobid+’/devices?_start=0&_limit=10" to get the job’s device list and then try to use this returned back sequence(with Android phone version)to build a map with the automation job run results, found it NOT match with the device list sequence in the’https://api.testproject.io/v2/projects/’+project_id+’/jobs/’+job_id+’/reports/latest?format=Testproject

can somebody help to resolve this issue ?

Hi @lemon,
The API endpoint filters the devices by their name, however it should not affect you since you can use other keys such as ID to filter out to the required device.
Let me know if you have any questions.