Why so much Maintenance when theres no features being added?

Why the heck is the website undergoing so much maintenance when neither new features nor issues are being fixed. As communicated previously, cant you make it stable until we figure out an alternative solution ?
Or is this being done on purpose?


That is indeed the main question.
There seems to be radio silence from Tricentis.
I know they told us there is absolutely no support, but even they have to realize that bringing down the system without any communication whatsoever does not equal the stability they say they want to maintain.
Are they forcing us to move to one of their paid tools? This does not seem a smart way, I cannot recommend Tricentis as a trustworthy party now.


Yes. It is very unacceptable.


Incredibly frustrating. Especially after the hours and days of work many of us have put into this platform. Ridiculously unprofessional and quite frankly unacceptable that we’ve been left in radio silence with no updates.


The constant issues and maintenance notifications is really making it difficult to get work done. Stability is key when offering a product


I seriously don’t understand what are they doing with this maintenance ,its really frustrating . Its getting shitty day by day .


seriously , every weekend ?

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@eldar why after every couple of days maintenance occurs . please resolve the issue asap . its really badly effect our work .

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