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Why require to add IPA file in TestProject Agent

Why require to upload .ipa of IOS Mobile application testing in TestProject. Is any alternate way available where we without uploading .ipa file we able to do automation of IOS mobile.

Hello @sushant.yadav1

You can whether upload an IPA file or select an application that exists on your iOS device.

While creating a mobile test, you’ll be asked to select the application you’ll be testing,
You will be able to select an application that is installed on your iOS device:

So uploading an IPA is not required.

Yes, I use same method.Need one more confirmation as my IPA or developed script not saved on any cloud of TP. As We want unable to breach any security.

Hey @sushant.yadav1,

Yes, you can select an application that is already installed on your mobile device.
The application’s IPA won’t be uploaded to any cloud server of TestProject.

Are you referring to coded tests when you say “developed script”?

We are developing script with help of TestProject for IOS and we didn’t want to expose our script due to security purpose.

Hey @sushant.yadav1,

There is no need to upload an IPA to the TestProject platform, you can run your tests on locally installed applications.