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Why I Love TestProject

I recently discovered test project by searching for test automation tools on Google. I then decided to compare the applications I found. I chose TestProject. Test project is extremely powerful and it has saved the company I work for a lot of money. It’s community supported and open source it’s free forever until they decide to change the model. No coding skills required. Israel is known for a booming IT industry and extremely strict laws for cybersecurity, I trust the service. The AI is pro-active and prevents delays. Think of the tool like a mutual fund, but instead of money being pooled together, everyone works on it to make it better by building it up. Built on top of other open source programs such as selenium. No coding skills required. If you are unsure if you should use TestProject, I say it’s the ultimate solution for your testing problems. Since I have started using it, I don’t want to use anything else! I hope that all testers get to experience the benefits of it!


Thank you for the kind words and glad you and you company chose us,

  • TestProject team.