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Why don't I see the java package in my project?

Hi team, I am very new with automation space and in a learning curve.
I installed IntelliJ 2020 (Community Edition).
Created a project and learning code from the generated code.
I found that in generated code we have something like:

import io.testproject.java.annotations.v2.Parameter;
so the “io.testproject.” will follow with “.java.” and so on.

My question is I can’t have that “.java” in my IDE and so on.
After “io.testproject.”, I can see only “sdk”.
Below is what I have after added the Maven dependency.

I have a Maven project and I added dependencies like your instruction but I have a feeling that I have missed something.

TestProject generate with older version, and as i see you are using latest sdk.

You can have a look into this, it may help.
GitHub - testproject-io/java-sdk: TestProject Java SDK

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Thank you very much. Look like I can’t learn much things from those generated code.

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We can’t reuse it for time being. Once they move the code generator to latest version we can re-use that

I am facing the same error. I cannot see java in io.testproject import. I am using 0.63.2 version. Can you please on that?