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Why does y test fail completely when i have set a recovery test once that step fails?

In my test, there is a step that i am failing intentionally to trigger another test before it continues,but once that specific step fails, The on failure behavior step is not triggered, Could any one know the reason why?onfailbehaviour

Hi Allan, what do you mean exactly? the “Order_A-Ri…” test is not executed?

Yes, it is not executed once the test fails

In the test report, you see that the recovery test was skipped?

I have not yet run this as a test its self, i have been running this from the Record side because i am still adding more tests

Ohh now I get it.
The recovery test will not be executed from the recorder, only when you run your test from outside the recorder or from within a job

Ok then, it means i should try running outside the recorder?

But if yes, wouldn’t it be a little bit a double step(moving back and forth) because the only way to verify that the step is working as expected is to run that specific step and see its results at the recording step.

It is working that way for all other cases. Just this specific case, of a recovery test, works that way.

I am not getting this quite well

I meant that you can run individual steps during the recordong session and see the result. The only exception is the recovery test. In this case, you can only see this when running the test from outside the recorder.

Alright then,
i did not know that, let me tryout of the test recorder and see how it goes.
I will surely let you know in case of any questions.

Sounds great Allan!
Let me know if you will need my help :slight_smile: