Which tool to select after TestProject?

Hi all,

I really like the TestProject and very disappointed to know that the team is sunsetting this in March. I am trying different tools but nothing is like TestProject. I wish we could have the paid version of TestProject.
Is there any other tool which we can use and which is similar to TestProject? Any suggestions from anyone?
Please share what tool everyone is selecting after TestProject. I tried Testim but it has lots of limitations. Other tools are too expensive.



I am currently evaluating other tools. As far as I have seen there is nothing free and as powerful as Test Project. I will be forced to go with paying for a tool. Id be curious what other tools have been looked into. I am currently evaluating Qmetry, and Katalon will be next.


Thanks, Jay! Katalon need some programming skills and setup is needed. I think it is not a cloud based tool. Other tools that I am looking is TestRigor, Leapwork, AccelQ but could not find the best one like TestProject.

As a non coder, I have moved ourselves over to cypress.

It really isn’t that hard, quite easy to write tests.