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Which is better and superior, TestProject or BDD (Cucumber)?

Hi Everyone, We know that there has been a rise in the use of the BDD Framework (Cucumber) being widely used by many organizations. So may I know how TestProject stands out if compared to the Cucumber tool.
Although I have not used Cucumber anytime, my peers are working on the same and when they hear that I am working on TestProject.io they are clueless as none of them have not even heard about this, let alone use this in their organizations.
So please answer if anyone can provide some kind of insights into this.


if you referring to testproject recorder vs cucumber these are completely different solutions, while testproject recorder provides tools to create and execute test automation without writing single line of code for mobile and web apps. Cucumber is one of the tools based BDD principles and usually implemented within an existing or separately developed automation framework that someone on your end should develop and maintain . BDD gives you the ability to write your cases in a readable language by using text files (feature files) but it’s not magic someone need to develop the actual tests behind the hoods… and maintain them… much more effort and time…

but if you have the resources and developing and maintaining your own framework is something that you consider you can utilize TestPoject OpenSDK (python/Java) with BDD cucumber it will save you time developing your own reporting module and using single executable for web and mobile automation. here is a good article on that: https://blog.testproject.io/2020/09/02/testproject-opensdk-with-cucumber-testng-and-extentreport/

Thanks a lot Mark for such a beautiful explanation and also for sharing the article, This really helped.