Where to save in TestProject reusable files and images

I’d like to create a directory/folder where I’ll be able to upload images and files those I’ll use/reuse in my TestProject scripts?
In some of my scripts I’ll have to upload more than 20 images per testing form and in some I’ll have to upload mix from images and PDF or XLS or DOC files
Thank you in advance!

The topic can be closed because I found out how can I upload and where to store files.

  • How to upload a file:

  • create a folder where you’ll store your files (ex: [\Desktop\My_TestProject_files](file://Desktop/My_TestProject_files)

  • record the step that will be required to upload a file

  • stop recording and open that step

  • in recorded step update:

Action = Upload file (add this from addons),

INPUTS → Path - write exact path to the folder with the selected filie name (ex: C:\Users\Desktop\My_TestProject_files\My_file.PDF

I still searching for an option on how can I create an online/cloud repository where I’ll save my files and when I’ll run scripts I will be able to run them from any device connected to the TestProject