Where does the testproject/agent Docker container store Chrome headless browser downloads?

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I am trying to retrieve the latest downloaded file while running a testproject/agent Docker container. Is there a specific path to where downloads are stored?

Hi @clopez ,

It should be in the volume path.
For example:


I’m mapping my current directory on my Linux machine where the yaml file is stored to /var/testproject/agent inside the container.
So now, if I put files inside my work directory, which in my machine is /home/alex/Docker, it will be mapped to /var/testproject/agent.

Let me know if you have managed.

Hey Alex,

I have the volume mapping like so - /home/qa/docker/testproject/agent:/var/testproject/agent and in my application and test case, we click on a button to generate a backup file.

The backup file is supposed to be downloaded by the browser, but it never actually downloads to any of the containers whether that be the agent or chrome containers I have up and running. I searched high and low for the zip, but it’s nowhere on either of the containers. Am I missing some sort of configuration on the job end or docker-compose setup of my containers?

@clopez Did you solve this? I’m having the same problem and I am currently stuck.

I have been able to solve the ‘problem’ myself, you can find my solution here: Testproject docker chrome download directory

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