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Where can I find the sources for Parameter AddOn

Found this addon today, like it and have some ideas to extend it.
Looked in testproject.io/addons but did not find the sources there.


You can find the addons that we make publicly available at our GitHub page along with SDK examples and more:

Hi David,
I’ve been looking there, pulled the addons repo and grepped for “Set value to a parameter” what should find it, think. But it found nothing at all. So might it be it’s from outside the official TP repos?

You are referring to this addon?

Yes, that’s the one I’m looking for the code. I know the REST-API for parameters and there the call needs the project_id and for the update the parameter_id. I want to learn how this is realized or used in the add on. And with this knowledge I will build some tools for our testing, and if these are worthy I will give them to the community.

Here’s the source code for the addon:

Many thanks and: wow! this is so easy and straightforward. Should have seen it myself. Sometimes I’m blind to the obvious.