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Where can I download Testproject agent v3.0.0?


I’ve an issue relate to add-on scroll is unable to run on testproject latest version 3.1.0. and I’d like to reinstall agent v3.0.0. Is there anyone has v3 agent link? Currently, I cannot download v3 as there is no download option on testproject agent.

You can download old versions under the Looking for previous versions? section. You’re right though, I can’t see v3.0.0 there.

There is no option for v3.0.0, perhaps testproject will open download section for old version

Hi, I have upgraded to Agent 3.4 and now the I get the same error as mentioned above that the Appium Server is not running for mobile devices. I am using MacCatalina on my machine and cannot upgrade to MacSur due to other software dependencies I have.
Appium server is not running
I need to go back to Agent 3.1 as I have to do a demo of TestProject to my organization.
I cannot find anywhere previous version downloads and have gone to the release page for v3.1.0 but there is no download available - v3.1.0 - TestProject Documentation
Can someone please help?

Hey for anyone else who comes across this issue, I have found the page with previous agents on it - link is here TestProject

hi @mdm and anyone else experiencing the issue,
Please send us the logs over at support@testproject.io for further investigation.
I will make sure this will be handled as fast as possible.
Here you can find the agent logs:
TestProject Agent Logs | TestProject Help Center