When I start TestProject Agent,my pc remind me that TestProject Agent try to change my pc login password

I haven’t seen this before

I understand that your antivirus(?) is warning you about TestProject agent’s “Java.exe”. As most of the text is not in English, it’s hard to understand the whole context and what the antivirus is telling us.

  • Is it just a warning or is it being quarantined?
  • What is your Antivirus and have you sent your antivirus provider the suspected file for false-positive clearing?

The Java.exe should be OpenJDK Platform binary version, which means it’s quite commonly used.

For starters, you should uninstall the agent and re-install.

This warning said that:
It is detected that the login password of the computer is being tampered with. It may be that hackers disguise themselves as legitimate software to blackmail. After the password is tampered with, you may need to purchase the boot password before you can use the computer normally. It is recommended that you stop it immediately.
And I had uninstall the agent and re-install before I creat this Questions

I strongly believe that your antivirus is alarming a false-positive.

Antivirus providers usually have a process for sending false-positive files they can inspect. And they might have admin options to bypass certain warnings.