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When executing a parallel test with an attached datasource, I don't get a report

I have set up some Jobs in which I want to execute some tests in parallel. Each test has its own data source attached. Test runs as expected, but there is no entry in the Reports of these jobs after test execution. Only possibility is to dive into the log-file but that is rather hard to analyze.

What version of the Agent are you using? are your workers optimized?

Agent version 3.0.2
I have 2 workers on a quad core system. But executing is no issue, there is just no report in TestProject available.

Can you please try to update to 3.0.3 as reporting issues had been resolved in this version,
If the problem persist please send us your logs to support@testproject.io

Hi, its partly working (using agent 3.03): only the last log is shown in the execution results. I’ve processed a datafile of 30 records, so I’m missing 29 logs. Now trying with version 3.04.