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What is the purpose of Step type of "Test"?

Hi all,

I’ve created my first test, I’m doing it by hand not recording - whilst the agent downloads. I’m just logging into a forms site on Dave Haeffners automation sandbox:

But whats the purpose of creating a Step of Type ‘Test’? It asks me to search for a test (like when searching the element you are interested in) but there’s nothing there. Is that a work in progress?
I want to check some test so I assert that I’m in the secure area, I thought “Test” would be the place to do it?


I think I can answer my own question – you can reference other tests you have written here. I see nothing because it’s my first test.

Maybe a little helper text here might prevent stupid people like me asking silly questions in forums! ;D

yeah you got it right :slight_smile:
we will consider adding a guide or a tooltip to make it easier to understand. thank you