What if TesProject disappear? Have you a mitigation plan?

Hi Tesproject Comminity,

Whising the best in your current projects.

I would like to open this topic in order to share ideas based on What if Testproject disappear? create & test differents mitigations Opensources solutions to bring our testcases ( WorkTime) alive.

I know there is a lot of people that have invested a large number of hours, month, years in Qa Automation Projects with Testproject.

When a project begins, there is a bit of uncertainty of what expected to. But deal uncertainty with the tool that you have to work, is not good for big projects :disguised_face:.

Draft ideas:

  • Download all your code in Java

  • Try to run it in Java Selenium 4 / Appium Framework without Tesproject openSDK

  • If your code is backed up with Github, can we integrate it & create jobs with Jenkins?

Share your ideas. :robot: :pray: :mechanical_arm:


we were able to download and run some test cases but using their SDK, yet to proceed without SDK . let the group know incase we have a breakthrough .

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Thanks for opening this thread, I was thinking about doing the same. We are looking for a new tool now, and not expecting any direct way to save the work we’ve done - only looking for ways to save as much time and effort as possible when we inevitably have to rewrite everything in a different tool. Here’s what I’ve done so far:


For anyone considering other tools, I’ve watched some demos of a couple that seems very along the same lines as TP (and honestly seems even better), which are TestCafe and Katalon.

Anyone have experiences with these or know of other similar tools?

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I have no experience with that, but I’ve heard about TestRigor and Testim.io as alternatives.

Testim is not yet ready for Mobile automation and a product from Tricentis which has lost credibility after what they did with testproject .


And this others tools? TestCraft, Applitools, Functionize, Mabl, Test.ai, Parasoft SOAtest, AccelQ?

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I would try Testim but it’s a Tricentis service so I don’t trust in this company regarding the catastrophic management of testProject since few months…

Actually, I’m testing the tool “TestSigma” and it’s look like TestProject for now… Just one problem, i don’t know how to import my testProject test’s into TestSigma… :confused:

You’re not going to be able to “import” them, unfortunately, but there are some ways to use certain testproject resources to your advantage. See my linked post above for what I’ve concluded as the best method for myself for moving all my work to a different tool.

Hi Tim !

I can’t see your linked post :confused:

I don’t know if migration it’s possible, Tricentis no talks. Now, I am searching other skills for directly, re-do our e2e test. I think that Katalon can be a good option. The application have different versions, have you seen? In addition, I have read about other skills, testsigma thats seems to me pretty cool.

Hey Guys, so Testsigma is an open source tool, so that gives us some additional advantage regarding what we can achieve with it. The test recorder is still young, so I think it might need a bit more time to mature.
But for Katalon, from my experience, it wasn’t that good when compared to TP. A few advantages it has over TP are:
-we can switch between recorded view and coded view pretty easily
-we can record tests using cloud devices such as the ones from browserstack.
But the recording functionality is not up to the mark which Testproject has. I’ve faced difficulties running pre-recorded subflows while recording a test. I was using the enterprise version for a trial period of 30 days. Then again, this is my personal experience. If someone else has a different picture, please feel free to share :slight_smile:


@bferreira1 Future for TestProject.io? - #3 by tim.rendall

Katalon does seem promising, but I’ve never relied on, and will never use, the recording functionality of any tool. Test Cafe is another one that looks like a good option

That is not possible :frowning:

@mdelossantos Would you kindly elaborate on the points that support your claim?

The fact of the matter is that I have been looking for the TestProject team for more than six months now, just to get their feedback on approval of a newly developed addon for community use.

P.S. TP team claims that the approval will take 2-3 working days.

Well, @mnaeem01, I tried to export and import files from TP to Katalon, and was not possible. Can you explain the use of addon?

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