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What are the devices supported with test project as part of execution?


What are all the android, iOS versions supported such emulator/real device as part of the execution?
Is there any time limit for run limit for the tests?
Are you supporting the only emulator or Do we need Saucelabs account to access the real devices?

Hi @ramkumar.y,

We support both physical devices and emulators. We are also about to release the integrations with SauceLabs and BrowserStack really soon, so it’s also an option.

For Android, we support these versions:

  • Physical devices: Android 5 to 10

  • Emulators: API Level 21 to 28

For iOS, we support these versions:

  • iOS 10 to 13

  • Currently, we do not support simulators for iOS

As for the time limit, we do not limit you in any way. You can execute as many tests as you like and at any duration.

Kind regards,

Thanks Amit. Your answer clarified me partially. This is extension of the question.

Would you provide a device lab for us? Or Do we need to use our own device lab or local emulator/real device?
Is Test Project provide only framework or framework with device lab also?