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[Webinar Discussion with Alan Page] Mindsets, Skill Sets, and Developers that can Test 💎

There’s a common belief in the software industry that developing software and testing software are so fundamentally different, that it’s nearly impossible for a single person to do both well. Alan Page spent nearly 20 years building test teams that fully invested in this approach and led thousands of testers and test teams towards this vision. A common belief remains in the industry that testing and development require completely different mindsets to accomplish successfully.

But for the last six years, Alan has been working on teams without testers, working with developers and helping them to embrace testing as part of their role. In this effort, Alan has discovered that building and creating software - and holistically testing and evaluating that software are outcomes that are not only possible, but a more efficient way to deliver high-quality software.

In this webinar, Alan will elaborate on the difference between mindsets and skill sets, drawing on his background in software, as well as his experience composing and arranging music. He’ll share a few examples of what he’s seen as he’s helped software developers adopt and embrace testing as part of their skill set. And, of course, there will be ample time for questions and debates.

We will be able to continue the discussion over on this thread, together with Alan himself, even after the webinar today :wink:


Thanks everyone who attended this webinar. I thought the questions were great, and that they showed a lot of thought and interest in the material. You all made it a great experience for me, and I look forward to interacting with you all again soon.

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Thank you very much @alan for the very interesting webinar and for addressing in depth so many great questions - it was very insightful!! For anyone who missed it, here is the full recording: https://youtu.be/4U26ADs91AE

Looking forward to continuing the discussion in this forum thread if anyone has any further questions, and definitely looking forward to many more enlightening sessions as such with you Alan! :fire: