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Webex Incoming Webhooks Not Working


Do you currently support Webex for webhooks?

I’ve tried installing this app, created the webhook, and added it to one of my spaces (which worked), but it doesn’t seem to be sending messages to the space I specified even though I selected the webhook under Job Notifications Preferences. Any ideas of what the issue could be?

Edit: I would also like to note that I sent a test POST request using Postman and it posted the message in the correct channel, so I believe the app itself isn’t the issue.

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Hi @clopez,
Currently we support the following Webhooks:

Note the generic webhook is in a generic format, if a certain application is expecting a custom incoming webhook then it’s not supported under the generic category.

Here is an example how our generic webhook looks like:

  "event": "JobStart",
  "data": {
    "name": "Job test",
    "projectId": 400000,
    "projectName": "! - Amit",
    "description": "",
    "platform": "Web",
    "triggerBy": "Amit Amit.lacher@testproject.io",
    "triggerSource": "User",
    "agent": "Amit",
    "started": "2021-10-31T13:57:00.5138957Z",
    "testCount": 1,
    "targets": [

You can use a 3rd party tool to change the incoming webhooks and then send them to Webex, doing something similar to a proxy.

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