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Webapp Testing with out cloud push

I have to automate a web-application, I’m looking for a good framework and that is how I reached here. Quick question, is there way my rest results always stays in the local machine rather pushing to cloud. The reason why I’m asking is, the application which I’m dealing with has lot of sensitive information. Please advice.

Hi @skoiloth,

Thanks for reaching out!
TestProject is a SaaS platform and therefore, all of your tests are being upload to the platform. The way TestProject works, is by installing a local agent that communicates with our cloud platform. The agent is responsible for executing your tests, installing all the drivers that are needed for your automation, etc.

You can either record your tests through the UI using our smart recorder tool, or creating coded tests locally by using our Java & C# SDKs.

To get to reports and enjoy TestProject’s features and capabilities, all of your tests should be uploaded to your account. We are of course following all the security standards an policies to make sure that all of your data is secure.

You can read more about our security policy here: https://testproject.io/security/

Let me know if you have more questions :slight_smile:

Kind regards,