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Web Testing Job Execution is not getting kicked off instead it says execution is queued


Sometimes when i try to run Web Testing Job the job is not getting kicked off instead it says Job Execution is queued. I am not finding queued jobs anywhere. How can i fix this issue.



I just started hitting this issue also.

Hi @sahanijuttukon, @marcel.bauer,
Please make sure the workers are not in use, sometimes a worker can still be in use for a short time after the execution ended.
If this still happens please make sure the queue on the agent tab is empty this can be found here:

If the workers are not in use (0/1+) and there is nothing in the queue, please restart the agent.

Let me know if that solved your issue.

Hi @Amit.Lacher I tried as above but it did not work until i reboot my machine.


Great, happy everything worked out :slight_smile:
Please contact us if you experience this again.