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Web recorder is unable to open some of the saved test yaml files

I’m testing the new ability to save tests as yaml files, but it seems that when try to open some of the saved yaml files, the recorder gets stuck indefinitely loading it at the steps tab . spinning
The culprit seems to be the presence of the Switch to window step inside the test. If i remove this step from the test and reexport it then the recorder is able to open it.
Running the test with testproject-agent run test.yaml works fine though even with the Switch to window step inside.

Hello @SjakieMaksym
Can you please send us your agent’s logs to our email?

If you can also send your YML file.


Logs and yaml used to reproduce have been sent

Thanks, I got it, we’re checking it out.

Hey @SjakieMaksym
It’s been fixed, can you please try to run it again?

yes it works now
Thank you