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Web component (no xpath), file upload and other issues

I have an application that runs inside a webcomponent. As far as I understand, there is only a unique way of performing test inside webcomponents, which is through “Execute js” and copying the full js path, and then performing actions such as .click()

This works, but sometimes doesn’t work (in the case of dynamic fields in angular). Am I following the correct way of doing this? The “full xpath” copied, such as “/html/body/shadow-overlay//div/div[2]/div/app-ahe-overlay/div/app-recovery-expenses-account/div/div[2]/form/nx-multi-stepper/div[6]/app-documents/div/app-form-element[1]/div/div/app-expenditure-documents-table/button” doesn’t work (probably not a surprise because of the shadow dom).

The biggest problem I am having, though, is related to the file upload field. Unfortunately the “file upload” addon works via xpath, and therefore it cannot work.

How can I perform this action in a webcomponent in your opinion?