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Wait till Google Map Loads

Hi, I want to wait till the map loads and after selecting location on map then I click a button. But map loads so slow that button is clicked immediately. I have applied adaptive wait but no success.

Hello @hafsa
Which button did you press?
Google map is a canvas element (graphic) so you can not interact with the element inside it and also can not wait for them to be ready.
once the canvas element is there the step will execute.
In this case, try using the pause action:
Try to play with the waiting time (Milliseconds).
This step will cause a stop regardless of elements, maybe it will solve your issue.
Please let me know.

Actually there are two parts on the right side there is map which loads and I have to select the location by moving the pin. On the left side there is a button on simple screen (not on map) which I have to click to proceed with the selected location.

I added above pause screen which has solved one problem of loading the map.

But now how to move the pin? the automated step to move the pin is not working when test is run.

Try to use Draw On Canvas addon.

it may give you the solution you looking for.
If you still have issues, please contact me via TestProject chat to schedule a zoom call.

Hi @kfir.yosef it worked, thanks!

Happy to hear that.
Your welcome :slight_smile:

@kfir.yosef I cant give floating values in coordinates, it gives error. please suggest any method to enter 29.001 or 29.165 values in x y coordinates.