Wait for 2 minutes?

What would be the ideal way to way 2 minutes before executing a next step? I’m wanting to wait a little bit to give time for an email to come in before going to the next step.

You can use the Pause action.
Set time to wait before execution continues.

You can always continue some other checks or tests and run the test at a later point within the test run (as long as the email is not dependent in this case). This way you are keeping time and efficiency up by having other tests run instead of waiting around for the email and then proceeding to other tests.

If it is required (i.e in a registration test for example) I would re-arrange the tests so that you trigger the email off first and then do the visual checks on the page for example.

alternatively you can just put a wait on the test step for 2 minutes.

As explained here, it’s definitely possible to use the pause action, but it’s not recommended.
A dynamic pause also known as Adaptive wait in TestProject is preferred because you can dynamically wait up to 2 minutes.

Alternatively, you can set execution time which is a hard pause instead of adding additional action in your test, you can control both the execution speed and the adaptive wait from the Test settings


or from a step advanced options.


This set-up will wait exactly 2 minutes before execution a specific step: