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Visual Testing Options

I’m interested in the area of visual testing, and wondered if anyone was aware of any of the following:

  • Any plans to include native visual testing in testproject
  • Any plans to create an add-on
  • Any plans to enable integration into third-party services such as percy.io

Ideally, I’m looking for visual testing for both web (inc mobile browsers) and mobile applications (I’m aware that percy is web only right now).

I think visual testing is a fantastic addition to more conventional functional testing, but the options out there seem limited. I’ve only started using testproject today, but I can already see what a great combination of power, and ease of use it is - and IMO a visual testing solution would compliment this solution extremely well.

Btw I’m aware that there is an image comparison add-on, but I’m talking about a more automated way of taking a screenshot and comparing it to a ‘baseline’ image (where the first time the command is run, this sets the ‘baseline’), with (ideally) some web-based tool to approve / reject / ‘re-baseline’ any diffs.

Thanks for any info :slight_smile:

Hey @kevin.mcandrew, thanks for reaching out.

There are currently several ways you can perform visual testing with TestProject,
for example:

You can use ‘take element screenshot’ action:

save it locally (you can use “take a screenshot to Dropbox” if you don’t want it to be saved locally):

and use image comparison add-on to compare those to images when one of them will be your ‘baseline’ image.

there is a list of screenshot actions you can use:

let us know if there’s any action that is missing for you.