Virtual agent forces test to run in Landscape mode

When Tests running against the virtual agent app automatically loads in landscape mode in BrowserStack. It runs in portrait mode when run against the local agent which is the correct behavior. Is there a way to fix this?

Hi @harshan and welcome to our community :slight_smile: ,

Are you getting any error messages?

I have tried to test an app on my end running against the VA on BS also, and it doesn’t load in landscape mode.

Did you try to execute it against other devices?

Hi Alex,

I tried with all S series of android S10,20,21 and 22. Still it switches to landscape mode when run via the virtual agent, whereas local agent always stick to portrait mode. :frowning:

Hi Harshan,

I’m facing the Same issue using the virtual agent with Browserstack. Are you testing with Saucelabs or Browserstack?

This issue popped up beginning of march. The Test I’m running was working fine until beginning of march. Without any changes to the test, it is now failing due to this auto rotation.

There was some discussion in the forum with a similar issue:

I’m wondering if this is related to the Testproject Virtual Agent.

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