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Video recorder extension in chrome driver

This topic is just for suggestion/recommendation, to add the video recorder extension in the chrome driver so the tester can record the steps and at the same time they can video record the execution to act as their proof of testing.

Hello @alexander.v.pangilin
Thanks for your suggestion.
I pass it on.

Side note:
If you use cloud devices, like BrowserStack, they record the test and provide videos.

BrowserStack Integration:

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Wow, that looks great!, But here what I am looking forward is a video recorder that can be used by the manual tester while they are doing the record and play of the test. For example an integration of Awesome Screenshot extension in chrome. I believe that the team can do this and possibly it will give additional good looks with the tool to be more attractive to the companies to use this tool.

I see.
There are many tools online that can be used for this purpose.
This is not on our roadmap since the vast majority of users use the platform to run automation tests.
Thanks again.