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Versioning support


Can TestProject support version control support ? Can I store code based on our own branching structure and modify and use accordingly ? We have 3 different branches we use for different code base and releases and we would like to run tests respectively against different releases we have so need to ensure it supports it that way ?

Hello @amit1976
By the end of Q1, we will release a built-in integration with Git, as well as the option to store recorded tests locally which then you can also execute locally and store in your git repositories.

For your scenario, you can just set up a CI pipeline to track changes on those branches, once a change has been committed, it will trigger the recorded/coded tests according to the designated branch, by using TestProject Restful API, so you don’t need to export any of the recorded tests, you can run them straight from the cloud.

You can check out our docs for Jenkins/CircleCI or TeamCity CI integrations: