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Version Control Management

There is no version control management in Testproject. It is important to monitor the changes done by various users and should have ability to roll back to previous versions.

An integration with GitHub or any other option is needed to have this. Hope to this feature soon.

Hi, thank you for your suggestion.
Currently the way to do version control would be by duplicating tests and sorting them into folder inside your project.
We’re working on implementing a version control system, and it should be available in the future.

Good afternoon! Are there any news? This is a very important feature for teamwork.

Hello @tihonina.

Test versioning is currently scheduled for Q4 2020.


In the recent announcement for your OpenSDK there is one bullet point that reads:
Ability to store and execute tests locally on any source control tool, such as Git

but I could not find any further mention of this. Could someone expand on what is meant by that statement.

Hello @peter.weatherdon
With the new OpenSDK you can integrate the scripts you have written with any Source Control software like Git.

Now that executions are local and binaries no longer need to be uploaded to the platform you can integrate those scripts in any source control tool like you would integrate any other code you have, and execute them with any CI/CD framework.

OK, so scripts created using OpenSDK can be source controlled, but any tests created using the recorder still cannot. Is that correct?

Correct, we are working on a Version Control system for recorded tests as well.

Just wanted to bump this as I am really looking forward to this feature on the recorder. Having more testers on the team creating tests, being able to attribute who created a test or modified one is going to be a huge help. Can’t wait!


Testproject is fantastic, but we operate in a highly regulated environment. Without the linking of a version number or any reference id from our source control/build version when we trigger jobs via the API and then view the reports then we cant benefit from the compliance it brings.

Really looking forward to this feature, any news on progress?

Hi @erick.caceres and @lee.morton

The version control feature for recorded test will be released in the end of the next month.
Thank you for your patience.