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Verify screen is read-only

There is a chat screen which is read-only.User can only view the previous chat and cannot type anything.
How do I verify if the screen is view-only?
Android Mobile testing

Hello @tanvi.lohakare,

It really depends on the way this chat is implemented, here are several ways you can validate it:

  • Validate the “enabled” attribute value of the “EditText” element in the chat component (if exists), using the “Get Attribute Value” action use can retrieve an attribute value of an element and then add validation

  • Simply use the “Type Text” action, the step will fail if typing text is restricted

  • You can use the “Type Text” action and toggle on the “Invert step result” if the step fails, it will be counted as passed, then, you can use the “Get text” action and set validations on the output, to check if the text you typed is contained in the chat’s text.