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Value of a field is getting displayed as a GUID while recording


I was recording a test and noticed that there is a drop down in the application where I am selecting a value. But when I see the recorded test, I see a GUID instead of the value that I selected in that field. Can I do anything so that I see the value of the field that has been selected in the recorded test and not the GUID?

Hello @ritikabharaj.

The element name is generated automatically when it’s created.

You can edit it by selecting the edit option next to the element:

And changing the name from there:

You can also find this option for applications from the “Elements” tab in your project:

From there, find the application under test, and you can edit the elements.:

Thanks @david.goichman. I changed the element name and it displayed correctly. My question is that if there is any way that I can actually have the value that I selected in the drop down menu to display rather than the GUID. In the screenshot above, it is displaying something a4647e60… and so on, instead of that can it display Vendor1 which is the actual value selected from the drop down menu.