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Validation of video playback, video playing, or video ad appearing?

Hello all - I’m just trying to figure out if this is possible as I ponder creating some regression tests for a website that contains videos, video pages, and on these pages pre-roll ads for these videos.

So in terms of validation, I have experimented with “is present” and “is visible” for various elements. But is there a way to determine that a programmed video is present and plays upon visiting a page when the video is set to autoplay?

Is there a way to determine a programmed pre-roll ad appears and plays, as well as verify that the following video plays as well?

Thanks all for your input and suggestions.

Like you have suggested, you could validate the page element of the ad to verify it appears.
As for validating if it is playing, you can try validating that the element that displays the video playback time is not equal to 0 by getting the text from it and adding the validation for example.