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Validation field [SOLVED]

I am trying to run the automation, and there are 2 fields that are not being saved when I run the automation, “Amount” and “Cellphone”. To validate that, I downloaded the manual test spreadsheet, and both values weren’t there. Is there a way to validate if those 2 fields are saving the values?

It sounds like you are trying to use parameters but you are failing to fetch the values for certain elements. Is that right? If you want to see if it is saving the value, maybe this forum post will help?

If you still need help, please give us more details on what you are trying to achieve. It’s difficult to know where your issue is without knowing:

  1. Test steps being used
  2. What locators are being used for those test steps
  3. Your expected and actual results
  4. Any relevant screenshots
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Hello Philip, thank you for your prompt answer. When I run the automation, and I am going to check the results, I can see that the 3 fields that I have mentioned have not been saved.


Is there a validation that I should be using it?

Hi Leandro,

Your image is an export of a manual test, but you said you wanted to see the test results. If that’s right, you should be looking in Reports, not exporting a manual test.

Your highlighted rows show that you’re using the ‘Is Visible?’ step which checks if an element is visible. It doesn’t match what you say you want which is to validate the field values. There are other actions you can use for that (the ones marked with puzzle pieces require addon installation):