Validating using Data source failures

So I’m trying to run a test that is using a data source. It’s running the test 4 times (once for each credit card type in the data set). The 1st two test pass but the last two tests fail with an error that it can’t fined the expected text but

Action failed using following locators:

1. XPATH=//tr[5]/td[2]/table/tbody/tr[2]/td[2]/div[@class = 'text']
TimeoutException: Timeout occurred while trying to perform the action. Element doesn't contain expected text, text was 'MASTERCARD (XXXXXXXXXXXX0002)'
Build info: version: '4.1.1', revision: 'e8fcc2cecf'

You can see that the text it can’t find is plainly stated there on the page in question.

However the same path worked for the previous two test cards.

I checked my CSV file to make sure there are not leading or trailing spaces in the data sets and can’t figure out where this is going wrong.

Nevermind I figured out what I was doing wrong

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