Validating Text in div

Hi all. I am having trouble validating the text within div. I realised that the texts are not being recorded as the xpath does not contain text.

Is there a way for me to validate the exact text in the div?

Hi @fadz,
You can use the ‘Get Text’ action to try and get the text into a parameter. If it works, you will be able to validate the text received.
You can also use the ‘Take element screenshot’ once, store it to your local storage, and then replace it with the ‘Compare image with UI element’ action.
Let me know if any of the solutions work for you.

Hi @ran.ferdinaro .

  1. I’ve tried the “Get Text” action and I am able to get the text. However, is there a way for me to automate the validation of the exact words in the text?

  1. For the “Take element screenshot” is not possible as we are relying on cloud-based testing.

Hi @ran.ferdinaro

I would like to get your help for this

Hi @fadz,
Please contact us at :slight_smile: