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Validate sorting with time


I need to validate if the fetched time is sorted correctly in asc order(mins, hours, days etc).
Here is my scenario :
I have a list of elements at different times.
I need to validate if the results are in the correct order and this is what I am expecting after sorting:
(1min,1min,2min,1hr,2days,3days) if the output result is not matching the expected value, it should fail the test case.
How can I achieve this? do I need to write a codded test?

Hello @it.dishantrawat,
Before I can answer you I need to ask some things:

  1. Is this list element output that you mentioned is an example for values (and it can it be only min,hour and days),is it changing dynamically?
  2. Can you send here the URL of this list element to see an example, or maybe provide a screenshot of it?
  3. I can suggest you to make an addon using our SDK, which you can implement in java.
    In these links there is everything you need to know regarding how to install the SDK and some github examples.


yes it will be always min, hrs and days, however it may be possible that there will be only one or two of these values (mins,days or only days ). But the list will always be sorted in asc order >> mins,hours,days.
This looks impossible through the existing actions available, I can try with a addon .