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UTMs disappear when recordings are played [SOLVED]

I have recorded some test where I navigated to my application URL with the UTM.

I used: Navigate To {ApplicationURL}{UTM}

Then clicked on a link that directs to another page. After the page loads, I did a Get current URL and added a validation to check if URL contains {UTM}

When I recorded it, the step test passed. So I saved it.

But every time I execute it after as a Test Job or an individual test run, the Get current URL with validation to check if it contains {UTM} keeps failing.

I am not sure what is wrong, when I do the smart recorder, it always maintains the UTMs. Even when I test manually, outside of TestProject, all the UTMs are there. But for some reason when executing a test, it doesn’t work.

Can anyone help please? TIA

This sounds like an automation issue, when you are using get current URL do you have 2 tabs open at this state? are you getting the URL from the correct one?
Also when you are getting the URL try to add a parameter to the output field to check if its received any value during execution, check in the report if the parameter got a value in it or if it’s empty.
Please also add a short pause or change the execution speed on the get current URL step to wait a bit before the step is executed.
Let me know if you managed