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Using URL from clipboard

Is it possible to use URL from clipboard in the test step?
My app generate one-time-use URL and then I have open it in my test on desktop.
I know how to copy it but don’t how to open/save in variable.

That’s a really great idea for an addon!
We might implement something like this very soon, we’ll keep you posted :slight_smile:

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Hey there, a question.
The URL you are generating is visible on some element and you are copying that URL from that element?


In my case, the value that I need is available using some xpath, but I have a copy button clicking on which copies the value to clipboard. So having this clipboard functionality/addon will help me test the copy button too.


Hi @amit.paunikar
You can create a coded test, in that test we get the clipboard content, upload that coded test and call that test from any other test you wish, the clipboard content will be in an output parameter.

Upload this Jar as a coded test and call it as a nested test, the ouptut parameter is the contents of the clipboard.

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Thanks @ran.tzur, will try this jar as a nested test and let you know how it works!