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Using Secure Parameter input from the CLI oi Job?

My test uses a password which needs to be kept secure. The secret feature for parameters is a great solution for this when running the test alone from the TestProject website as it allows the user to enter their password before execution and have it hidden and secure. This feature does not seem to extend to a job or running the test from the CLI because the user would be required to save their password in an insecure data source file. Is there anyway for a user to securely enter their password at the start of a Job? Also, is there anyway to prompt the user for there credentials when executing from the command line?

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Secure parameters were made to avoid exposing sensitive data in the cloud.
CLI executes local YAML files, therefore passwords are not exposed in any way (unless you report to the cloud). You can store the password in a plain CSV locally and use the CSV as input parameters for your YAML tests.