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Using driver.quit() in testproject sdk, does not stop execution

The execution of a test using python open-sdk does not stop after driver.quit(). Initially I provided a very long delay after driver.quit() for the execution to finish so I can fetch the reports. The job status on the dashboard showed “executing”, long after the driver was killed. I then implemented the following code and it goes into an infinite loop.
Note: I am using the latest agent version.

__flag = False
driver = webdriver.Chrome(project_name="abc", job_name="xyz")
while not __flag:
            response = session.get(f'{settings.BASE_URL}/projects/{settings.PROJECT_ID}/jobs/{job_id}/executions/{execution_id}/state')
            if response.json()["state"] not in ["Ready", "Executing", "Reporting"]:
                 __flag = True