Using Data source when running in offline mode


is it possible to use data source when running in offline mode? or is there a way to iterate in a list of parameters during offline execution?


Hi, @Seira20
It is possible and easy to do.

  1. Download your test as package and choose your execution targets.

  2. enter the test’s zip file and edit the ‘test-parameters.csv’ file and add ypur parameters value. I used VSCode but you can use excel, notepad etc (just maje sure not to use the space-bar to separate values).

3.Run you test offline from your CLI

Here you will be able to see more information on how to run a test from your CLI:

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Thanks Ran, i was able to proceed now on running using data source. thanks a lot!

You are very welcome.
If you need assistance with anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us :blush: