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Using conditional steps

Can anyone clarify if TestProject supports conditional steps based on the value of the test input parameter?´

I am creating a test that will be a reusable action test that can be called / used by several other tests. This test has an input parameter.
The idea is the main test (t1) that calls this reusable action test to be able to pass a parameter value. (this is very easy to accomplish, no doubts about this).

My question:
If the input parameter of the reusable action test has the value ‘Y’ the reusable action test execute step A, if the parameter has value ‘N’ reusable action test executes step B.

Is it possible to condition the execution of a step based on the value of a parameter?

Hello @sandro.pinto
Sure, for that we have the conditions feature, you can read more about it here:
If-Else Logic | TestProject Help Center

Thanks @ran.tzur for you help. This is exactly what I was looking for!